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Women’s Underwear come in all shapes, styles, cuts and colors. There is a perfect pair for each of us and here you will get all Women’s Underwear questions answered. From Bikini, Thong, G-Strings, Butt-lifter, and much more. Hope you get can just them all!

When you are a women, you either love underwear or you hate them. Most of the time, the hate stems from not having the right fit or size. End the battle with underwear and check out this article to learn more about which size is perfect for you.

Underwear is one of those necessary evils that you do not particularly like but feel like you have to wear. This is probably why some portion of the population choose not to wear them. For everyone else, there are countless brands, styles, and materials. It is often difficult to find underwear that fits just right. Continue reading to fit out more about the different types of underwear for women to find the pair of Women’s Underwear that is the perfect fit for you.

What Are Women’s Underwear?

Underwear is an article of clothing that you wear underneath all of your other clothes. They are also appropriately called undergarments. There are many different styles and cuts from which women can choose. Most women have a specific cut they wear most of the time.

There is underwear that they wear just with specific types of clothes, so they do not get the feared panty line. Other times, women want underwear that provides substantial support to smooth out all the bumps under their clothes. Not only are there many different styles for ladies’ underwear, but here are different materials.

Materials For Women’s Underwear

Most women’s underwear has a little bit of stretch to them, thanks to the spandex blended material.

Cotton Underwear

This is a fiber that allows the skin to breathe. It is found naturally and is soft on the skin. It does not dry fast. When the skin is wet or sweaty, the cotton panties are likely to stay wet or damp. You can also find organic cotton underwear.

Plant-Based Underwear

This is often rayon and some other fabrics. They are processed chemically but and therefore, really not a natural product. They are incredibly soft. Natural fabrics are moisture-wicking to keep sweat away from the body and dry must faster than cotton underwear.


These are synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. These materials are found in activewear such in yoga pants or leggings because they are the quickest during and wick moisture away from the body the best. Lace underwear, while not considered performance, are also made from synthetic materials.

Silk Underwear

This material tends to be one of the more expensive ones. Silk is not that common in women’s underwear, but it is a natural fiber. It feels wonderful on the skin. Silk is great at helping to regulate temperature and manage moisture.

Unique Material

You can also find underwear made from wool. There is also underwear made specifically for a purpose, such as a shapewear style intended to make your skin look smooth under clothes.

Types of Underwear for Women


A thong is typically loved or hated. Some women refuse even to try them, while other women refuse to wear anything else. Thong underwear has a strip of material in the back of them to ensure there are no panty lines under your clothes. Sometimes a thong also has a narrow strip of materials that fits along the hips.

Providing the thong does not have any bumps around the edges, they will stay flat, and no one will see the lines. These are ideal when you are wearing tight clothes. A thong is often thought to be a sexy choice for underwear.

A thong is not going to provide any coverage for your butt. If you chose to wear them, make sure the crotch of the thong is cotton, and they are not super tight, so it does not chafe the skin. If you are not wearing the right size, they can get uncomfortable quickly. A thong may ride up on you but typically become more comfortable the more you wear them and get used to how they feel.

They are a great option for tight clothes, such as a bodycon dress, wrap-around dress, or leggings. A thong is great for someone that has hips that are more square-shaped. For those that have a square bottom, a style that sits high on the thighs is a better option.


While the hipster title may make you think this is the style for someone who is up on the latest trends, it actually refers to wear these underwear sit on the body. This type of underwear sits right on the hips and slightly below your natural waistline. They also have more coverage for your hips and usually have wider fabric panels.

You may hear them referred to as a hipster brief. The leg openings are lower, so there is minimal space for the bottom of your butt cheek to pop out. The hipster panty style is ideal for wearing with low rise jeans and other pant styles. They will not stick out over the top of the waist of your pants.

Boyshort Women’s Underwear

The boy short is a women’s version of the boxer brief for men. They have a more rectangular shape and give the most leg coverage of all the underwear options. They are ideal for loose skirts, jeans, and loungewear. If your skirt or dress happens to fly up on a windy day, these underwear give you the most protection and coverage. You could even opt to wear these around the house by yourself.

Boyshorts may be a great option if you plan to do a significant amount of walking. They will not chafe the skin, and the material of the underwear will rub together, so your skin does not. They are able to absorb some sweat and help prevent rashes, also.

Similar to boxer briefs for men, they provide the maximum amount of comfort and security of any of the underwear style options. Boyshorts are great for women with bottoms that a V shape and even sagging bottoms. They are also great for those with heart-shaped or square bottoms.


Before boy shorts, there were briefs. They used to be the go-to for maximum coverage. They still provide a fair amount of coverage for women, but they come in many different options, including high waist and high leg. This underwear will definitely give you a panty line. Many women prefer them because they provide maximum comfort. They are like an old stand by, always there when you need them.

Bikini Women’s Underwear

Bikini underwear mimics the look of a bikini bottom. They are similar to briefs but they offer less coverage. They have a lower rise than briefs. The opening for the legs is also higher. Bikini underwear tends to be one of the more popular styles. They are a great option for gym-goers.

They will not ride up like a thong, and they will not give the visible panty lines a brief will. Even though they typically provide less coverage than a brief, they offer a good amount of coverage for your bottom. There is also a bikini brief option to give you a better balance between a bikini and brief undies. Bikinis are of the most popular women’s underwear in the USA in 2021

A bikini panty can be worn under any type of clothing and are a great choice over a thong. You can wear them around the house when relaxing, under jeans, or with dresses and skirts. They are one of the most versatile underwear options you can find. Bikinis fit well for someone with hips that are square-shaped. They also fit a woman with a heart-shaped or A-shaped bottom well.

women's underwear

High Waisted Women’s Underwear

High waisted underwear will offer coverage that goes upward, so they will keep your entire stomach covered. If you do not like the feeling of underwear digging into your stomach, these are a great option. For most high rise underwear, they go all the way up to your waist.

French Cut

French Cut underwear is also called high cut or high brief underwear. They fall at your waist, just like the classic brief does, but they have leg holes that are higher up on your leg. French Cut underwear allows you to show off more of your leg. This underwear has an old school vibe to them and is affectionately referred to as granny panties.

They are comfortable underwear and can be worn under many different clothing choices. French Cut panties to give you complete coverage from your middle to low stomach through your hips and bottom. They are ideal for giving you additional support. The French cut are ideal for wearing with high waisted pants, joggers, and leggings.

They are ideal for women that have square-shaped bottoms. Since these underwear are designed to draw a line between where your bottom meats your back, they are great for women with square bottoms as they give you more definition.

If you have a round-shaped or heart-shaped bottom, these are not the right choice for you. They may feel like they are constricting you and give you more of an elongated look. French cut underwear may cause a panty line, depending on your clothing. They may also cause you to have bumps and bulges under your clothes.

Mid Rise

While Mid-Rise underwear is incredibly similar to high-rise, they also lean towards a hipster vibe. They provide more coverage than a hipster, but not as much as a high brief. This type of underwear will sit just below your belly button. Many women feel the mid-rise underwear is a great balance between the two.

They can be worn as everyday wear and style and work well with skirts and pants. These underwear are ideal for women with square-shaped bottoms. These women tend to need some help creating the line between their back and their bottom. As a result of where mid-rise underwear sits, they help create that line. Women that have a bottom in the shape of a V also benefit greatly from wearing mid-rise underwear because they sit right below the crease of the bottom.

Cheeky Women’s Underwear

The Cheeky underwear is similar to the bikini style in that they are going to show off your bottom. They provide more coverage than a thong will, but your bottom will peek out of these. They have a wide band around the hip to help eliminate a panty line. These underwear are aptly named because they are going to show off round and plump butt cheeks.

The cheeky panty underwear leans more towards flirty but can be worn under just about any type of clothing. If you do not like the feel of your butt cheeks falling out of your underwear, you may not like this style. Checky underwear can be worn with cute bras to look confident and attractive. They are a good addition to your collection and round out your underwear drawer.

Control Top/ Shapewear

These underwear are most often called Shapewear, but you may hear them referred to as control top. They offer the most control you will find in underwear. Their entire intention is to smooth out your body under your clothes. They may go to your belly button, or they may go all the way up to your bra. This style of underwear is going to provide you compression to keep everything looking tight.

They will shape your bottom and flatten your stomach. They come in a vast amount of styles to offer you the perfect amount of coverage. You will find compression levels that include moderate, slimming, and firm. They come in high waisted, mid-rise, shorts, and butt lifters. Shape wear provide maximum control but still give you a comfortable fit. They can provide support to your thighs, bottom, and stomach to give you a shapelier look and provide the confidence you need.

The outfit you are wearing will dictate the type of shapewear you need. There is seamless shapewear for tight clothes and nude color options when you are wearing something sheer. For this style, you will have to pick out your outfit before you can select the right shape wear. Some women choose to wear shapewear every day with every outfit. Others choose to wear them for special occasions or specific outfits.

Shapewear is ideal for any body type, but they do come in sizes. It is important that you select the right size for you. They can help to show off the curves you choose to show off and give you bottom great support.


G-String underwear is incredibly similar to thong underwear. This style gives you the least amount of coverage you can find from underwear. They have an incredibly thin thong in the back and are low rise in the front. Some women find them completely uncomfortable. Others love them. It is important that you get the proper fit, so they are more comfortable. These may be a type of underwear that are more intended to be lingerie and you do not wear them for very long.

Butt-Lifter Women’s Underwear

Butt Lifter underwear is intended to give your bottom something extra. They will make your bottom look bigger and more shapely. The intention is to draw attention to your bottom. If you do not want that, then these may not be right for you. They will tone your bottom to give it a firm look. This type of underwear is padded, and some have removable pads.

You can choose for yourself when and where you want that extra lift to your bottom. They will give you definition and support. These underwear are soft and comfortable. They are breathable on your skin, so they will not chafe. Butt-lifters are intended to give you a lift without making it obvious to anyone. They have varying levels of compression. Butt Lifter underwear can be worn with any clothing type and will show off all your curve.

They are great for those sexy jeans or pants you want to wear. These underwear are great for those who have a longer bottom. If your bottom lacks definition, this underwear will make it look perkier. If you have a large bottom, they will give you the additional support you need. These underwear are ideal for women with square hips, a square-shaped bottom, a V-shaped bottom, or really any other shape.

Seamless Women’s Underwear

Seamless underwear is intended to be invisible, so it cannot be noticed under anything you wear. If they can be seen, then they are not a seamless panty. This type of underwear is focused on being hidden under your clothes, so you do not have a panty line. They come in many different styles, from bikini, hipster, boy shorts, and the classic brief.

You can wear seamless underwear with any type of clothing you prefer, but you should wear them, especially with tighter clothes. This is a universal style, so it does not matter what type of bottom or body shape you have, they will fit you well, and no one will see a panty line.


While Knickers may seem like an old school name for underwear, they are also a specific style of underwear. They are vintage and are styled after what was worn during the 1920s. Knickers are looser at the bottom, around the legs, and have an elastic waist. They are often made from silk or satin.

Some of them have frills on them. They are a fun style of underwear. This style was just a fun add on to the list. These underwear are not the most practical and will not be seamless under your clothes. However, in the right situation, they could be fun to wear.

What Are the Best Maternity Underwear?

There is specific underwear made that is maternity underwear. This underwear type gives you maximum stretch. They are either low cut, so they fit under your belly. Or they are hit cut to fit over the top of your belly. It is really your preference as to what feels better.

You do not need maternity underwear. You can wear regular underwear as long as they stretch and are under your belly. What you do not want to wear underwear that cut across your belly while you are pregnant.

Popular Women’s Underwear Styles in 2022

Types of Panties & Underwear Essentials

for Every Woman’s Wardrobe in 2022

Panties are one of the most intimate parts of our wardrobes. They have the power to make us feel special, comfortable, sexy, flirty, fun, a little wild (or a lot), colorful and then some.

Your choice of underwear can also make or break your outfit and your day, depending on whether you’re wearing the right panties for the occasion. But how do you choose the best underwear to wear?

What are the advantages of a bikini over a boyshort, and the differences between a G-string, a thong and a tanga? With our ultimate guide to women’s underwear for every style and body type, you’ll feel your most beautiful and confident in every last thing you wear.

Bikini Panties

Bikini underwear is among the most versatile styles you can own, because it can work as both comfy underwear and lovely lingerie at the same time. Bikinis offer moderate coverage between a full-coverage granny panty and a thong or tanga; the bikini leg opening tends to hit mid-butt cheek. At the waist, placement can be below, on or just over the hip.

When it comes to comfort, they’re in the “ahhhh” category. You can also find bikini styles in the lingerie world, like those made of sheer fabric, sporting a strappy cage back and more.

Bikini panties are a great go-to for coverage and comfort. If the bikini is your cut, you’ll find a wide variety of styles to suit your every mood.

Wear bikini panties with: flowing or loose skirts and roomy or boyfriend-fit jeans or pants. Bikinis work fine with pants in thicker fabrics like corduroy, too.


Thongs and their cousins, the slightly wider-backed tangas, offer even more than the big advantage of no panty lines. The next-to-nothing coverage of thong-style underwear is already sexy, even when sporty. You can take that sexiness as far as you want: Thongs and tangas come in everything from cottony comfort to set-to-stun lingerie, tummy control to low-rise and everything in between.

Thongs and tangas are much more comfortable now than when they first came on the scene. Made from lightweight, high-tech fabrics, you’ll barely know your barely-there thongs and tangas are on. They love all body types, too.

The main point of thongs and tangas is how well they vanish due to their nonexistent rear coverage. Thongs and tangas come in a wide range of styles: You can have smooth, seamless looks for day and, for night, a pearl thong or culotte, a sweetly sexy crotchless tanga, a bow wrap or lace-up. Thongs and tangas are perfect for staying hidden under your most body-conscious clothes, as well as for when you want to show off some seriously sexy lingerie. They’re small wonders that do big things.

Wear thongs with: dresses, skirts, jeans and pants—anything, basically, where panty lines would be apparent and unwelcome.

Hipsters Women’s Underwear

Hipsters don’t just sit on your hips; they love your hips. This wide-banded hybrid of a brief and a bikini wants to celebrate your figure. Low-profile, fuss-free underwear, hipsters don’t ride up, fall down or move out of place. They can even be your favorites when it comes to sexy lingerie styles.

Because the band embraces your hips, hipster Women’s Underwear occupy the sweet spot of snug and comfy. They offer almost complete coverage in the back. Hipsters work for all body types, accentuating the curves of slender silhouettes and taking hourglass figures straight into the goddess zone.

For fun, look for special details like lace trim, sheer fabric, seamless design, peek-a-boo keyholes and vibrant colors and patterns to mix up your hipster underwear wardrobe.

Whether you wear them for yourself or to show off, hipsters make the most of your shape, and they do it in a comfortable, easygoing way.

Wear hipsters with: mid-rise jeans and pants, because they’ll meet the waistband without peeking over the top.


G-string style underwear was originally designed to be discreet, offering minimal coverage and no panty lines. They’re still top performers when you want to look like you’re not wearing underwear but don’t actually want to go without, or you need some very sexy lingerie.

The difference between G-strings, thongs and tangas is that G-strings have the least coverage in the back—just the thinnest strip of fabric between the cheeks, versus the band that makes up the back of a thong and the slightly wider tanga.

Some women say G-string underwear is the ultimate for a “barely there” feel, while others like G-strings for their sexy effect. If you’re looking for something a little flashy, you’ll find lots of fantasy-fulfilling G-string panties with special features like crotchless fronts, pearl strands and almost any other G-thing you can dream of.

G-strings are more than just an insurance policy against panty lines; they’re a way to bring a little levity into your lingerie. They’re pretty…and pretty daring!

Wear G-strings with: booty-hugging jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. The total absence of back coverage you get from G-string style panties means you won’t detect them at all under your outfit.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are the women’s underwear equivalent of super-comfy men’s boxer briefs…but a whole lot cuter. Boy shorts come in a variety of hip heights.

These shorts-style women’s panties offer more coverage in the back than a hipster or brief because they extend down the legs a bit.

Boy shorts are one of the comfiest kinds of women’s underwear, but there are also lots of styles that are meant for the bedroom, with ribbon backs, sheer lace, a high rise and more.

Who knew that a women’s panty style based on men’s underwear could be so outrageously feminine?

Wear boy shorts with: roomy jeans or pants in thicker fabrics during the day. By night or on a lazy Sunday is when boy shorts really shine, doubling as sleepwear and loungewear.

Briefs Women’s Underwear

No need to borrow from the boys. Brief-style underwear for women has the comfort engineering of men’s briefs, but they’re designed for women’s bodies, with decidedly feminine style.

On the whole, briefs are all about a snug, cozy fit. Briefs for women come in a range of rises, from hip to mid-waist, so they sit higher up on your torso than bikini underwear. They offer pretty complete coverage in the back. The rear coverage usually does away with visible panty lines, though under thinner fabrics, a thong or tanga will probably be your better bet. Some briefs come with added control for a smooth tummy, and briefs work with all body types for an easy-wearing fit and feel.

Wear briefs with: the high-waisted pants and jeans trending now because they complement the waistband; you feel soft fabric on your tummy instead of a cold metal zipper or, worse, chafing.

Seamless Panties

Most fashion rules were meant to be broken, but one preference is universal: Panty lines need never happen. Not when there are smooth, seamless panties to ensure that your best outfits have a flawless finish. Seamless styles don’t sacrifice comfort while eliminating panty lines.

They come in both hipster styles, offering more rear coverage, and bikini styles, offering mid-cheek coverage.

Because of their flat-seam design, there’s never any bunching, riding up or shifting, and definitely no seams showing. Seamless women’s panties have a super-thin, flat laser-cut hem at the legs and waistband or are finished with a special woven fabric that won’t betray you with lines or bumps. Some seamless women’s underwear also extend down the leg, becoming seamless shorts for added hip and leg smoothness.

Whatever level of coverage you want, seamless panty styles mean smooth sailing.

Wear seamless panties with: your silkiest dress, closest-fitting skirt or lightest pants while enjoying the comfort and coverage of bikini or hipster style panties (as opposed to a thong).

Shaping Panties

You’re a total goddess—you already know that. Shapewear helps you put your goddess figure into the silhouette that makes you feel your most confident, with clever designs and woven panels that hug and embrace rather than constrict.

Thank you, modern lingerie technology, for letting us leave tight, pinchy girdles in the past. Today’s shaping panties let our figures be what we want, and let us do fun things like enjoy cake and breathe. Y

our comfort is maximized by finding the right shapewear for your outfit; our Bra Fit Experts are here to help with that. Seamless stretch microfiber, targeted panels, strategically placed control zones and other tricky engineering offer smooth lines and sinuous curves right where you want them.

We stock a variety of coverage options, from thong-style shapers to shorts. The bottoms in our collection of shapewear and shaping panties were chosen because they work the best and are the most beautiful. When you’re ready to find the perfect shaping underwear, in whatever type of coverage and control you want, you know where to look.

Wear shaping panties with: something that fits you like a second skin. Shaping panties create the smoothest possible silhouette so you can shine.

Crotchless Panties Women’s Underwear

Crotchless panties are pure fun and fantasy. At first glance, they may look like regular underwear, whether that’s a sweetly innocent bikini, a lacy hipster or something a little more daring with flirty straps.

Their sexy surprise, and what sets them apart from other types of women’s underwear, is a strategic opening that puts the “oh!” in oh la la.

These little numbers come in a variety of styles, sweet to sassy, so choose from the types you like best, or go wild with something entirely new to you. Crotchless panties are fabulous, flirtatious and utterly unself-conscious. No lingerie wardrobe is complete without at least one pair that’s ready to come out and play.

Wear crotchless panties with: a sexy bra or nothing at all. Because they come in so many styles, you can rock crotchless panties under jeans, dresses or anything you want for a big reveal at the end of the day.

Activewear Panties

Athletic panties are potentially more important than the workout gear you wear over them. Whether you want to wear your clingiest yoga pants or your baggiest running shorts, athletic panties are designed to let you focus on your A-game. What’s on your wish list for athletic Women’s Underwear? That it keeps you comfortable, dry and moves with you without bunching, falling, wedging or other underwear fails.

Our collection of athletic panties was designed to win in all of those categories: Anti-microbial, sweat-wicking fabric takes moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and going strong. The high-performance athletic designs move with you, and they’re as strong as they are soft. Nobody wants to work out in ugly undies, either.

That’s why athletic panties look cool while playing hard. You choose the type of rear coverage and rise that works with your favorite kind of workout and activewear. However you enjoy staying fit, our experts can help you find the right kind of athletic panties that will make you feel like an MVP.

Wear activewear panties with: yoga pants, running shorts or whatever athletic attire you like.

Sheer Panties Women’s Underwear

Sheer women’s panties hint at sexiness in the most alluring way. They come in a variety of styles, so you get to choose exactly the kind of look you want while enjoying their whisper-thin feel.

Many sheer types of panties are cut like a traditional bikini, hipster, thong or other familiar panty style, so you can get as many different options as the night is long. And because they’re made of fabrics designed to be diaphanous, they’re breezy against the skin.

Sheer and nearly see-through panties are made in a major range of fabrics, from super-feminine lacy styles to fine mesh.

Some sheer panties have strategic cutouts that take them from suggestion-of-sexiness to all-out bold. They run the gamut from functional to fun—you get to decide how much you want to show off. Sheer panties are best known for their beauty…and their playfulness. When you want to go sort of bare but still want something there, sheer panties are the most appealing answer.

Wear sheer panties with: your favorite outfit—or lack thereof.

Choosing Panty Cut Based on Body Type

We all come with with different body shapes, and I can summarize them like these:

The Rounded Body Type

Women who are rounded, or “apple” shaped, can run into problems with feeling as if their underwear is always falling down, or feeling as if there’s not enough coverage. However, if you buy the big high waisted briefs, you can also feel as if there’s just a ton of fabric that is always bunching up.

Choose high waisted underwear that have a large elastic band that sits flat against the waist. Do NOT get the flimsy Women’s Underwear with the light elastic at the top, or it will start to roll down after a few wears. 

Also, try to choose underwear that’s higher on the leg, and steer clear of boy-cuts. You want high on the leg, and high in the waist, and that will help you feel more contained and structured. 

If you do want to try other underwear cuts, don’t be afraid to go up a size or two! You may find that a medium classic brief fits, but you do better in a large, or even extra large, bikini brief.

The Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle women tend to be straight up and down, with a minimum of curves.

You don’t need to worry about falling out of your underwear, but you’d also like your Women’s Underwear to create a few curves for you! 

Rectangles can wear any style, and in many ways they’re the easiest to fit. But bikini cuts will likely work best for you. Classic briefs or high waisted briefs will tend to have too much fabric, especially in the bottom area. Try bikini briefs, especially those that skim the bottom with all elastic fabric. 

Hourglass Womans Body Type – Choosing Panties for Your Body Type–that Make You Feel Sexy and Comfortable

The Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass women have that lots of curves with a very defined waist!

That makes underwear often stay up much easier, because you have that waist. But you can also run into problems with a larger bottom area that needs more coverage. 

Hourglass women may have problems with underwear riding UP, so styles with more fabric at the bottom and more structure can help. Boy shorts and hipsters can look great for this body type. Bikini briefs, with little structure, could give you some issues.

The Triangle Body Type

Women shaped more like a triangle, or more “pear” shaped, have similar issues to Hourglass women.

They’re rounder on the bottom, but the difference is that they aren’t as balanced on the top.

You’ll find the suggestions for the hourglass type also work for you. And another suggestion: if you’re just finding that the underwear isn’t giving enough coverage, or is riding up too much, it could be a problem with size. Go up a size, and it may fit more comfortably. Sometimes the problem isn’t too much fabric; it’s not enough in the right places to sit properly.

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

Then there are the women who are very top heavy, but rather straight up and down on the bottom half.

If you’re shaped like this, a lot of the suggestions for the rectangle body shape will work for you. Try bikini briefs, and stay away from anything super high waisted or anything with too much coverage, because you’ll feel like you’re swimming in it. If you do choose something more classic, go DOWN a size from your typical bikini brief, since you don’t have as much to cover in the behind area!

How to Choose the Best Women’s Underwear for Your Body Type

When choosing your underwear and outfits, it’s essential to keep your body type in mind. Body type is impactful to fashion, as it can affect how a person wears their clothes and how they look in them. Your body type is just as relevant to your underwear as it is to outerwear. Make sure you’re buying the right clothes for your skin and body, even when you’re buying panties.

You want your Women’s Underwear to make you feel as good as you look and vice versa and for them to maximize your comfort when you’re active during the day and sleeping at night.

When seeking the right panties, you need to know what aspects make a pair the best for you. It’s essential to know the available types, cuts, and fabrics out there, and to determine which kind is the best fit. Here’s how to figure out your body type so you can get to the fun part—shopping for new panties!

DETERMINE YOUR BODY TYPE for Women’s Underwear

To figure out your body type, take measurements of your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips. You can get your bust measurement by measuring around where your chest is the fullest when you’re wearing a bra that fits appropriately.

For a shoulder measurement, get assistance from someone else—have them wrap the measuring tape around the highest point of your shoulder and stretch it across to your other shoulder.

Measure your waist at the part of your torso that’s just above your belly button, and measure your hips by locating the widest point around your bottom. Do this by holding the tape measure on one hip and wrapping it around your buttocks to your other hip, all the way to its starting point.

Once you have these numbers, you’ll know if your body type is an hourglass, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, triangle-shaped, or inverted triangle-shaped, and you can choose undergarments that compliment you.

Make sure that you’re shopping for panties from a reputable brand that offers uniquely designed, practical, and comfortable undergarments of assorted colors and fabrics.

The type of Women’s Underwear a person wears should match their body type and shape and provide comfort, especially since the style of underwear can impact women’s health. Whatever style ends up being the best for you, it’s worth it to get the right underwear so that you feel good both inside and outside.


There are different cuts and styles of Womens Underwear. One such cut is the boyshort cut of panties, commonly called boy shorts. These low rise panties offer full-coverage and have a shape similar to shorts. Wearing boy shorts can limit the appearance of panty lines under your dresses or skirts without the need to wear a thong.

Another popular cut is the classic brief. The waistband of these can sit around the natural waist and fully cover your bottom. These panties are an excellent option for making women feel covered and lacking unwanted panty lines lines or rolls. Likewise, hipster briefs are another form of women’s underwear. The waistband of these briefs sits at one’s hips instead of their natural waistline.

A style of undergarments that doesn’t lead to unwanted panty lines, but offers less coverage, is the bikini brief cut. The waistband of bikini briefs sits so low that it rests below the hip bone. Bikini briefs typically “hug” wearers at the bottom of their bottoms and don’t use elastic around the leg openings.

Many types of panties are available to women today. People can get classic cut brief cotton panties or fashionable bikinis, boy shorts, or thongs of various colors and patterns. Some undergarment brands include features in the products that enable panty wearers to comfortably cover their tummies and keep their clothes free of wrinkles, bunched up fabric, and panty lines.