Plus Size Model Chicago

Do you wan to become a Plus size model in Chicago? Plus size modeling has been the lates trend. If you are gifted with curves, become one today. There are no groups to raise fuss about curvy models being discriminated. Actually, with current media and social media situation plus size woman have no chance.

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Also, it’s statistics: there are more regular female models than plus size ones.

Yet there is a twist: while a modeling agency is clearly not a place for a regular woman to apply for a work as a model, you see “plus size women” being photographed and filmed really often and mostly without much makeup: politicians, workers, TV hosts (say, Jay Leno definitely counts as a “plus size”) and… your next door neighbor, likely being a “plus size woman” probably has his pictures taken by her family.

How much can I make as a plus size model

Salary Ranges for Plus Size Models The salaries of Plus Size Models in the US range from $10,060 to $181,237 , with a median salary of $32,786 . This is for someone who does modeling as a part time. as you get more popular and if you promote yourself. You can become a plus size model while doing other things. When you are in college, or a stay home mom, you can model a couple of times a week or a month.

Some model can book shoots at for let’s say 3 hour for whatever much you will charge but can easily be $200 an hour. This makes a shoot at $600. Do this 2 times a week and you will be at $50,000 a year. As you get more clients, you can change much much more.

Plus Size Model Jobs

Another twist is that when you see ads of something that is traditionally (but, of course, not restricted to) “for woman” like modeling and make up gear, construction machinery, rigging jobs and so forth, you see “plus size woman” there (at least in the USA).

Plus size modeling photographers

Those women are not professional models, they are not likely to be paid for modeling — but they do what they advertise. So from my point of view as a photographer they are models… and, I dare say, often much easier to work with than a traditional model.

People love working with plus size models since they have the hints of sexy we all want to see. You can find more tips on how to be a plus size model in Chicago today.

Can you be plus size model if you are not fit? We know so, but anyway. . . . That depends on the agencies. And honestly, I don’t think talal, to say if it’s worth it or not. … .
The modeling of plus size clothing or accessories is part of the great fashion business, where various activities, professions and industries come together such as: designers, producers, modeling agencies, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, clothing brands; as well as the press and the media, television, cinema and aesthetic medicine.

The models with the passage of time and the exaltation of beauty the image, have become true celebrities who have acquired worldwide fame, as well as clothing designers. The world of models is associated with fame, money and a glamorous lifestyle.

Hiring one for your project

To find a plus size model you can visit and do a search with the attributes you need for your project. You will be able to find one by location, hair type, ethnicity, skin color ad other important factors you specifically need. Its hiring is done through a modeling agency, but when the model (s) is required to have something special, an in-person or online casting is usually done through a model portal. The essential instruments for the model are the book (album with its best photos) and the composit (cardboard in which five photographs of the model are collected; one of them in a bathing suit and where her name, height, measurements, color appear of the eyes and hair, and name and address of the agency).

Create a profile on a modeling agency website

To Strat your career, go to and create a profile on the type of model you want to be. You fill out the form and people of interest in hiring a plus size model will find you and contact you for a shoot.

The Internet has also revolutionized the natural flow of search and contracting of models; Today there are several platforms (intermediaries) dedicated to connecting the models with agencies that work throughout the world. Among these we can mention,, modelmayhem, modelsconnect, ultramodauniversal.

What are the measurements to become a plus size model

For most model agencies, a size 10 and up is considered plus size. The most common model carry size between 10 to 14. Do consider that you should also have a fresh look, good smile, skin tone, hair and great and adventurous personality. You can be a bigger size body but have a good figure. Curves are in high tree in the model industry. If you have a good figure and sexy appearance you should become a plus size model today.

Other sources fashion industry, “plus size” is a term for models who are size 8 and up. The thing is that, most people would never think of a size 8 as plus size. For modeling since size 8 is a bit bigger that the required size. Plussize clothing doesn’t even start until a size 16. It ranges from agencies, cloth line, location, and more. Check out about sexy plus size bras here.

What is a plus size model

This type fo model is usually bigger than the traditional models. It has become popular topic since most of us don’t look or wear what regular model wear. There are so many women who are not as skinny as the ones we are accustomed to. So why should there not be model who can reprint this size.

The application of the term varies depending where you live, and according to which industry the person is involved in. According to the magazine  PLUS Model; “In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 10-14, super size as sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up”.

Who are the top plus size models

Here is a list of the top plus size models fro the Huffpost. These models are the ones you will see in Instagram and other social media platforms. They have become popular thanks to their effort to get their name out there.

  1. Jennie Runk. Runk is pretty new to the modeling scene, but she is already making headlines 
  2. Saffi Karina
  3. Crystal Renn
  4. Justine LeGault
  5. Robyn Lawley
  6. Tara Lynn
  7. Ashley Graham
  8. Tess Munster

Can you become one of this models

Becoming a plussize model usually requires some height and an ideal size range. Usually sizes from 10 to 14, but you’ll also need drive and tough skin to succeed in this industry. You can be a plus size model but make sure you have other modeling qualities as well. Such qualities are: Good personality, smile, fresh look, curvy figure.

It can also help your have nice hair, skin, eyes, hands, legs, bust, and good lips. As you can see, the weigh is not the only factor we take into account when selecting our plus size models. If you are thinking about booming one, don’t wait. You have what it takes.

If you have what it takes and you’re interested in plussize modeling, review the basics to get started and get your portfolio out there. There are many ways to make it to be a Victoria’s Secret plus size model like the one below: